My New Friend!

So as you all know, I’m a mouse. Being a mouse using a full sized computer is exhausting. I need a partner. Not a cat, it would eat me, definitely not a dog, and fish and reptiles are ruled out for obivous reasons. Hamsters bite, and so do rats. Hmmmmm…… I don’t know!

2 hours later

Well I have very few options cause most of the candidates would either be too violent, ruin my computer, or be to much work. ooo know! No wait….

2 days later

So I have decided! Meet Destiny, the parakeet!

Hi I’m Destiny!

Destiny seems to like bold, so if she is talking, it will be bold!

Yep!!!! I’m super excited to help you out Mouse!

That concludes this — ( interrupted )

Post! Tweet and squeak you later!

Destiny and Little Mouse