Dragons ( Again, but more specific )

We all know that lovable softie from an earlier post, the dragon. But I wasn’t really detailed since it was a double post with a comparison! This is a more descriptive post.

Ok, might as well start with the fire misconception. Most, don’t breathe fire. Even if they could, it would be extremely exhausting to just create and use fire as a weapon! Also, most aren’t even the type that breathe fire. Most are different elements than fire and do not even posses the the ability to breathe anything but in air.

Wyverns are NOT A DRAGON SPECIES. Wyverns are what people think are dragons, but the tip of the wing is also the front claws and legs. Dragons, have a larger build than wyverns and have front claws and feet, and use the wings purely as a way to fly.

Dragons don’t eat people. Although most people will go looking for the shiny wealth that dragons collect, the whole ‘ they didn’t come back ‘ is mostly them not being prepared for the journey and dying along the way. They do like shiny things though. But not enough to take them from other people.

That concludes this post! Squeak you later!

– Little Mouse