Everyone who has read Harry Potter knows what a phoenix is. It a fiery bird, that when threatened, turns to ash. But, a lot of people don’t know what they do in the wild. The phoenix’s name means is flaming feather. ( I totes just made that up. ) Out in the wild, the bird prefers solitude, and only makes contact with the other phoenixes when needy. It lives high up, away from lots of predators. In fact, humans cause more problems with the fire bird than the animals that live with it.

The creatures that live near by are still unidentified, but one creature commonly sees is the Cloud Deer and Thunder Bucks. The phoenix’s diet consists of poisonous berries, hot pepper and and very sweet mallow weed. ( Mallow weed is what they make marshmallow’s out of. ) The bird eats all of these food to get the ashes it dissolves into seem repulsive and not edible, so it can safely rebirth.

If a phoenix’s ashes are messed with while its working to rebirth, it will not be able to safely grow back to full size. at some point that bird will end actually dying off, because of other animal DNA mixing with the phoenix. If the bird keeps a consistent diet, and avoids being messed with, the bird can live up to 100,000 years old!

That concludes this post, Squeak you later!

-Little Mouse