Ice Cream, Part 2

Okay, so soft serve is my absolute favorite type of ice cream. No soft serve? No deal. Now the problem is, the size. Not one ice cream stand that I went to has had the same small and large size. At one place a small is the size of your thumb, like a taster cone. At a different place, the size of a small was the size of my head. Literally. No place has gotten there sizes the right way, ever. So, i’m going to write out what the size should be, at EVERY SINGLE ICE CREAM SHOP.

Kiddy cone : The cone you get to taste a flavor, or for an infant or baby, about the size of your thumb.

Small : A decent upgrade from the Kiddy cone, but no large than your hand in length or height or whatever direction it goes.

Medium : The size that most adults get when getting ice cream. About the size of 1/4 of your arm + hand.

Large : The cone that your best friend dares you to eat. Arm + Hand.

Doggie dish : dog ice cream in a bowl. A small put in a dish.


That concudes this post, Squeak you later!

– Little Mouse.