Unicorn Spies : The End!

Before you read this, please, please, please read the post on Glitter- Dactyls first.

After Fick finished his tour, he proceeded to tell me that everything is not candy, it just looks like candy. ” Hey you OK over there? You haven’t spoke in the last hour.” He asked me, but really all I want to know is how to leave.

” Yeah, I’m fine ” I lie.

“Good, because your one way ticket to finding the Rained, is me.” Fick said, sounding very calm about the entire thing.

So Mom wasn’t lying. I think. I follow Fick to an open field an something starts to rustle around. Two large mice scurry around our feet. ” They are bait.” he explains, ” We’ll hide in a bush, wait for them, do something? I don’t really know.”

After like 20 minutes, the creature showed up. It looked so scary it was beautiful. ” A Glitter – Dactyl. Put this on. ” Fick hands me arm protectors and and face mask. ” You won’t die, at least not now. ” The bird looked at me with a fearless gaze, pulling me into a trance.

The trance continued, until Fick kicked me in the flank. ” DO NOT LOOK THEM IN THE EYES!!!!!!!” he scream – whispered.  They will pull you into a trance, he told me, that it would kill you if you did it for too long. Somehow, when we approached it, it was the Rained crew, and the rest flew down in a minute or two.They clearly weren’t deadly, the glitter must have made people think they killed. I fell into a deep gaze of the leader again.

When I get out the trance, I’m still eating Chinese with Radnod, which was weird because I swore I left here like, a day ago. ” So, that’s your idea of weird? ” Radnod asks, like I was telling a story.

I go along with it, because Radnod is one of the few people that know what really happened. It was also only the beginning of all of my weird adventures. In fact, i am so very happy that I am not in a bush typing this story right now. Well, there the end, hope you enjoyed! – Pearl

That concludes this post. Squeak you later!

-Little Mouse