Before I start this post, I would like to apologize for my neglect to posting in March. It was dumb. Today, there will be two posts, this one and the conclusion of the Unicorn Spies series._______________________________________________

The Glitter-Dactyl is a large, feathered bird, depicting a pterodactyl. However, the large bird is not only rare, but much different from anything. As it shakes a large beaked head, looking slightly like a feathery octopus, glitter bursts from its feathers, like fireworks.

The glitter is actually a protection of the large body. If not wearing the right clothing that covers skin, it will start to itch on contact, then burn, and slowly poison you until death. The cure is not cheap. Like really really not cheap. It consists of phoenix feather, 5 flowering valors and one dragon heart string. ( A flowering valor is a rare flower that only grows in the most unreachable spots.)

It depicts a large bird. Looking at it straight on, it looks small, like a tiny little feathery mouse. They really aren’t very harmless, unless you count the glitter.

That concludes this post. Squeak you later!

-Little Mouse