The Unicorns Spies, Part 2

I shrug and wander off towards the stables. ” Oh no you don’t! ” My mom fiercely grabs my arm, her nails digging into my flesh. She drags me off, down the stairs, and almost immediately threw into the inside.

“OWWWW! ” I howl in pain, my mom ignores me, and proceeds to take off the heels.

” You know, standing and pretty living in high heels for a week is much more painful than that. ” Mom replies, pretending that the heels are super glued on. ” I can only tell you so much, these missions coming back are still new to everyone. ”

” But I didn’t…..” I stop short realizing something. When you don’t be a creepo in a bush for 24 every day, every week, every month, you basically get information shoved down your throat.

” You have to blend in, rule 1 of spy-hood. If you don’t, you could risk getting caught. ” I just figured this out 5 seconds ago, but I do not be retaught everything I know. She sighs. ” there are 6 of something doing unruly activity, they call them the Rained. Find them, stop them, and bring them back. ” She ends, unwilling to give the last detail to me.

” Fine, That should work, for the little training I had, and the minimal information, I should be able to survive.” I say. Then jump in, or try to.

” No, I’ll tell one more thing. They are stealth murderers. Your bush blend skills may come in handy.” She realeases her arm, I tumble in.

That concludes this post, Squeak you later, and have a goof holiday season!

-Little Mouse