Imploding Kittens

Kittens? Check! Bombs? Check! The best expansion ever? Check! Imploding Kittens is the expansion to Exploding Kittens, the NSFW and SFW versions. They Imploding expansion adds new cards, and one cone of shame. ( I’m blogging with it on at the moment )

The Imploding Kitten starts face down in the deck like exploding one. After it is found once, it is activated, and placed face up in the deck. When the person picks the imploding kitten again, the person then implodes. There are no defuses that defuse a imploding kitten.

There are also alter the future cards, same as a see the future card, but you can change the order. Reverse cards, that reverse play order. Feral cat, which is a wild no instruction card, so it can be any no instruction cat. Draw from bottom, where you draw from the bottom of the pile. Targeted attack, where you can choose any opponent to take two turn after your’s.

And finally the cone of shame. The cone of shame is worn by the first person to ask ” who’s turn is it?”. I have one idea why, and that’s because they wanted to have something cat related in the game, instead of jut unicorn enchiladas.

That concludes this post. Squeak you later!

-Little Mouse