Super heroes, or super powers are the all mythical magic powers that allows the hero to defeat the villain. But what if the powers could actually be real? Impossible right? WRONG! Super powers do really exist, science is the result.


This relies on a science of a book. In the Disney Hyperion series, The Kingdom Keepers , the keepers turn in to a DHI or Disney Host Interactive when they sleep. DHI’s are holographic projection, allowing them to be able to walk through walls. Mostly ghost aspects, right? Well, certain areas in the parks do not have projectors, making them go in to DHI shadow. They are still there, but they go completely invisible!

Lighting Shots

Lighting strikes are possible with the power of the Tesla coil! If a lighting rod or rod conductivity is attached to the Tesla coil, the lighting power of the coil will transfer  to the rod, and make it possible to be able to look sorta like you shot lighting.


That concludes this post. Squeak you later!

Little Mouse