Fire Scorpios

Fire Scorpios as you may have read, are Cloud deer that have been catapulted at the sun.When catapulted they experience a mutation, one that only happens during this extreme heat. The light and fluffy Cloud immediately gain a tail of scorpion that is always burning, Antlers made of lava for the males, Molten rock hooves, and extremely hot, toxic fire skin that glows a nice yellow color.

When this happens, one of two things happens, they die or they make it all the way to the Sun. Once they reach the Sun, they must stay a in a environment with a temperature higher than 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, they are to cold to live and then turn to ash.

These creatures have never left the Sun, for it is too cold to do so.they are also bloodthirsty killers. Anything that looks edible to the Fire Scorpio is immediately speared by his or her tail. No other weather creature expect for them and some small phoenixes and dragons live here. Unless a solar eclipse happens.

For only 24 Hours Lunar Hounds frolic on the hot sun. Of course they pose no threat to Fire Scorpios and are a great source of meat. If one Happens to find a Lunar Hound, they must kill stealthily. Lunar hound have amazing eyesight, better than any thing living. If it spots the predator, it zooms away at the speed of a cheetah. If it doesn’t, they can feed the Scorpio for entire month, before the Scorpio needs to hunt.

Also, fire Scorpios do not drink or sleep. They are always awake, and will die if they see water. Why? because any place with a temperature low enough for water to be at, is too cold for a Fire Scorpio to live.

That concludes this post. Squeak you later!

-Little Mouse