Magic CarWash

The Magic CarWash is a car wash completely powered by mythical creatures. To Start the car wash up you need to insert 13 silver dollars which are common in the Mythical Realm. The car wash instantly wakes all of the creatures for they sleep when not in use.

First, you go under the Water Charger sprayer to get your car wet. Then, Fantasia Broomsticks wipe the entire car down with sponges. The Final Preparation before you enter is a Tiny Christle air fresher. After two weeks it dies and your  car will slowly obtain smell again.

The First thing to happen is Hissing Lizards that clean your windshield and windows with their tongues. Then Blue Soap Witches blast powerful soap spells at the car. Water Charger sprayers removes the soap, making the car look shiny. Pink Lollypipes completely coat the car in sugar, then the Kraken cleans it all off, removing all bugs,Bird poop and other disgusting things.

Finally Fire Dragons Breath flames hot enough to dry the car but melt it, to dry the car off. Then, if you asked for it, Little fairies will rotate your tires, vacuum the inside, and sprinkle magic dust on really gross thing abolish them completely. Then you go about your day!

That concludes this post. Squeak you later!

-Little Mouse