Cloud Deer

Cloud Deer are very fluffy, flying deer. They are only Female and Mates with Thunder Bucks. They are mostly found sitting on the moon. Very cheerful but do not like their does touched.

When Cloud deer mate with Thunder Bucks, The gender depends on which parent it will spend its entire life with. once the doe is born, the gender determined decides who it go with. Then The Thunder buck or the Cloud Deer will go home, never to see the other again. Mostly, They are male.

There is one special occasion, That the normal routine does not occur. Any does born On May 9th, April 1st or March 22nd are left alone in the woods. These dates were the dates war was called upon the deer, and having a doe born on these dates will get the Mother and Father kicked from their herds. Mostly the little, tiny does find a small cave with some other animal and live with them until they are 14. All animals will not accept a teenager Cloud d\Deer or Thunder Buck.

They also don’t take the doe if for some reason it was born at 3 am, 4 pm and 7 am I don’t know why, but the time means something to them. this is different than the dates though. When born at this time, they bring them to the herd, and publicly catapult them to the Sun. Only 3 does a year are able to survive this. the survivors turn from Cloud Deer or Thunder bucks, To Fire Scorpios.

That concludes this post. Squeak you later!

-Little Mouse