Llamas are fuzzy cute creatures. Unicorns are magical, mythical creatures. This world, Earth, ┬ásaid we can’t have unicorns and Llamas. Unicorns never existed, and they never will. But, what if they did? Would we not have Llamas? Of course we wouldn’t have Llamas because the Earth is trying to prevent the existence of the best creature ever. A Llamacorn.

Llamacorns are the offspring of a female unicorn mating with a male llama. If you look at them while they eat, it looks like a llama. now watch it raise it’s head. What’s that pointy thing you ask? It’s a unicorn horn.When the two mate, the llama takes all of the overall body appearance. The unicorn adds magic to the baby, and the horn sprouts.

Llamacorns are typically found in meadows or cloud-surfing. That’s right, they can fly. shooting stars, lighting and the occasional rainbow are the result of a Llamacorn. They mostly like to play at night, zooming at high speeds on stars and planet racing. These creatures are so very sweet, unless of course you insult one.

When upset, they immediately brew a rain cloud from their horn. If you really got them going, it would turn in to severe lighting storm, tornado, and depending on where they are, a hurricane. You would think they no control over where these storms went. WRONG! They head directly at you! Yes! You! even if you insulted it not out loud, it would still know. Most of the time, you can not survive a Llamacorn storm. It would take a lot coaxing to make it stop the storm.

When they create rainbows, they are usually racing in daylight or are extremely happy. They zoom by the sky so fast, that they could break 17 layers of the t=strongest materials on Earth without a care in the world. No joke, they really would.

That concludes this post. Squeak you later!

-Little Mouse